Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This Little Piggy Went to Market

Morel mushrooms, stay tuned for my foraging excursions coming soon!

The irony of going to market to buy farm fresh living plant food and deliberately saving your last $3 so you can buy something sweet, sticky and over the top.

The Bounty!

Pea tips. If you have never tried, put it on your bucket list.

Farmer's mix consisting of greens and edible flowers. Salad has never been so good!

Fresh tea leaves of hyssop, fennel fronds, peppermint

Watercress, my favorite, with asparagus spears

Wild mint bearing fur

Real carrots


  1. I almost bought pea tips yesterday but settled on spinach, because it was familiar. I was steaming tit to serve under peanut chicken with rice noodles. Do they have a strong flavor? Should I try them next time? (they were also PRICEY!)

  2. The flavor of pea tips are sweet and mild. Because they grow so fast, they are really tender, without strong flavor.
    If your ever in Chinatown, you can find them there, probably cheaper than what you would pay in a regular grocery store or the farmer's market.
    Your peanut chicken with rice noodles sounds really good!
    Thanks for reading!!