Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tiger, Eagle, Snake and Fish all wrapped up in One?

Well Hello There!
I decided to poke my head in after a long while away. It seems the holiday has reset my clock and provided an opportunity to get my head out of my work, and back into my life. Honestly, I had to draw a chart just to try to figure out "Where I'm at".
And where am I at? Well lets see here. It is January. I am rife with resolution! Inspired by the turning over of the calendar, relieved to have wrapped up a wonderful, safe holiday with family and friends, a little tight for cash (but who isn't these days?), and ready to meet the Water Dragon this Year. Yes, it is Year of the Water Dragon. What this means?
To my knowledge, the dragon is the most powerful symbol in the chinese zodiac. It's essence is that of the eagle, tiger, snake and fish, and is the only mythical creature in all of the zodiac. Notwithstanding, the dragon commands attention, is an independent thinker-lone wolf sort, one who speaks his mind, prefers to be alone but rarely is because people are drawn to him, and his actions always duly noted. Because of the power of the dragon, risks are taken and often rewarded, not only because of Dragon's bold appearance, but because Dragon is also intelligent, wise, knowing.
Okay, okay - how does this pertain to you or me? Well, if you are an individual who is a progressive thinker, wants to see real change happen within your lifetime, and have at least some kind of commitment to making that a reality - THEN THIS IS YOUR YEAR! I REPEAT! THIS IS YOUR YEAR!
Despite the concerns of our economy, despite the doom and gloom in the media, or the hits we've taken personally, socially, politically, or globally. This year People, is a transformational one. 
Whatever you want to manifest in this world, now is the time to do it. 
Put your ass on the line, show up in your own life, and let flower the beauty, change, happiness, love, art, creativity, union, compassion, gratitude, prosperity, healing, energy, sexiness, intellect, wisdom, innocence, joy, stamina, forgiveness, eccentricity, bravery, strength and everything else in your life that you've been waiting for.
If we channel powerful Dragon's strengths, and put out there in the world what we want, like Dragon, we will be heard. Imagine the possibilities?!

Go Get 'em, Tiger!

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