Welcome to Pomme de Terre. This is a blog based website where you can see what I do professionally and also what I like to do for fun. Often, they overlap.

Food, eating, cooking, serving, foraging, preparing, and sharing are what makes me happy. So much so, I have decided to devote my life to it. In addition to enjoying the hedonistic qualities of food, I also have immense respect for it. What you feed your body is directly related to the health and vitality therein. I am humbled by its healing properties, its ability to reverse and create disease, and our unique relationships to it. Eating is an act of physical, spiritual, economical and political choice. It is a voice. Everything we consume has an effect in those realms. What is your voice?

In the following pages you will find mine as it relates to food. A list of services that I provide as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist as well as personal blog entries signed by a self proclaimed, "food frau."