My work as a Nutritionist consists of providing group workshops and one on one consulting sessions for people who have an interest in natural foods and healing.
Emphasis is placed on individual responsibility of health, a clean, fresh, enzyme rich diet, evaluation of lifestyle and potential stressors, and the development of a clear picture of your personal best.
There are many reasons why people choose to seek nutrition counseling. Often, there may be an imbalance in the body resulting in poor digestive health, inflammation, weight gain, hormonal, or glandular function. The list is extensive. 
In addition, a growing concern about the toxic by products hidden in and on our foods have caused many to evaluate, sometimes for the first time ever, what they are feeding their bodies.
Whatever the case, there are numerous reasons specifically to talk to a holistic nutritionist.

      ADHD                       Alcohol, nicotine and narcotics purification
               Allergies, food sensitivity and intolerance          
                       Anemia                  Autoimmune disorders

       Autism        Candidiasis bacterial, viral and fungal infections    

  Chronic fatigue syndrome      Depression & Psychiatric Disorders    Diabetes

   Hypoglycemia and blood sugar control      Digestive and Intestinal conditions

             Disordered Eating    Environmental toxicity and free radical damage  

      Fatigue          Reproductive health                        Fibromyalgia    

                                           Glandular and Hormonal conditions 
                  Heart Disease       
   Cardiovascular health        Immune System support       Inflammatory disorders

              Nerve function disorders               Nervous system disorders

       Osteoporosis and bone matrix disorders    Pregnancy and post natal care

Recovery from surgery                Skin Conditions             Stress Management

            Urinary and renal system conditions

                                Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies